With over 30 years of proven expertise in the language services industry and millions of words translated, Quantum has developed a multi–step process to produce quality translation. Using standard and specialty design software, Quantum has the ability to work on many file formats with quick turn–around times.

Our goal is to deliver a translation that is culturally sensitive and linguistically appropriate. A project manager performs a final review to produce a quality result that is clear and properly formatted.

Quantum Routinely Translates:

  • Legal documents, such as: wills, business contracts, powers of attorney, purchase agreements, divorce settlements, transfers of property.
  • Government issued documents including: birth, marriage and death certificates, licenses, etc.
  • Educational transcripts
  • Medical forms, claims and records
  • Individualized Education Plans(IEPs)
  • Pharmaceutical research journals and reports
  • Engineering designs
  • Advertising media
  • International correspondence
  • Business plans and presentations
  • Employee Handbooks, and more

Multilingual Desktop Publishing (DTP)

When it’s important for the translated document to be professional, clean and high quality, Quantum translators are prepared and ready to meet your specifications. They will take the original language document and produce a visually appealing end product in the target language. Our translators utilize desktop publishing software, which often equates to enhancing a professional image and improving a client’s bottom line.